Brando Crespi
Advisor, Outreach

Born in Switzerland, raised in Rome and currently based in New York, Brando Crespi is an environmentalist, global activist, impact investor and futurist. His international education (Le Rosey, Switzerland, Barcote College, Oxford and Georgetown University, Washington DC) was oriented towards economics and cultural anthropology.
In the late 70’s, living in LA, he was responsible for the initial launch of Rodeo Drive, where he opened the Los Angeles franchises for Fendi, Pratesi and Versace, and of the Hard Rock Café. In 1991, he moved to Paris to head Earth Day in Europe and to focus on environmental and advisory work.


As the co-founder in 1985 and today executive vice-chair of the Brazilian born NGO Pro Natura International, Crespi has helped design, fund and implement numerous sustainable development projects, many using climate smart agriculture (CSA), in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

In June 1998 Crespi was responsible for, and co-produced the documentary of the “Scent Trek” expedition which used a dirigible and the “canopy raft” to search for new scents in the canopy of Guyana, Gabon and Madagascar’s rain forests. Subsequent expeditions, organized in conjunction with Paris’ Museum of Natural History, have taken place in Panama, the island of Santo in Micronesia, Mozambique, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea. Nearly 200 scientists participated in this last one, making it the largest expeditions in the world in the field of Natural History and biodiversity.
He is or has been a senior advisor on sustainability and “green” marketing and product development to Procter and Gamble, L’Oréal, Armani, Cerruti, Habitat, Givaudan, ST Microelectronics, Lucent, US Robotics, Naturaceutical Delivery Corp (NDC), Rome’s Sustainability Company, Beijing’s BMK and Shanghai’s Matsuoka and CFNL.
An active angel impact investor, Crespi sits today on the Boards of a number of clean-techs, NGO and social ventures.