Bah Saho

African Biochar Coordinator

Bah Saho is currently Principal Program Officer Renewable Energy, Head of the Bioenergy Section at ECREEE, the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Until his appointment with ECREEE in May 2010, Mr. Saho was the Director of Energy in The Gambia from December 2000 responsible for the overall national energy policy planning, formulation and implementation. He is currently serving as a Principal Program Officer Renewable Energy and heads the Bioenergy Section in ECREEE He holds a masters degree (M.Sc.) in Renewable Energy and the Environment from the University of Reading, UK. He is Executive Director of the African Biochar Partnership (ABP). The ABP was organized in 2017 by NGOs, research, development agencies, and private enterprises to promote the use of biochar in Africa. Mr. Bah serves on the Board of the International Biochar Initiative.